Black Coat City, a new release of poetry from Miguel Jacq, explores the nature of anxiety, uncertainty and identity.

Comprised of 34 poems and two parts, this is a uniquely introspective journey through the fleeting thoughts of the individual; thoughts which bleed into the collective soul of a city of 'black coats' all grappling with identity, their strengths and their weaknesses.

No greater than a sum of their parts, society's cities endlessly battle the same demons as individuals, and must come to terms with themselves through experience and a continuous desire to self-improve.

Black Coat City is the first full-length collection of published poetry by Miguel Jacq. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Inside Miguel Jacq’s chapbook, you will find astutely written observations about life in the city. Miguel’s book discusses the sense of isolation and search for meaning among all the black coat clad citizens. The black coat, a symbol for sameness and the struggle some face to distinguish themselves from the masses. We have shared his poetry and photography on this website and have included his photography in our upcoming anthology.Thank you Miguel, for writing such a thoughtful book of poetry. The poem message from GMT + 11 is a favorite. - Moriah LaChapell, The Blue Hour Magazine

Big news

Black Coat City was launched on February 5th, 2013, and reached #1 on for Kindle Australasian/Oceanian poetry.

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